LET THERE BE LIGHT is Piero Frenguelli (vocals, guitar, electronics, beat programming and Marco Porsia (bass, electronics, samples) who together span a kaleidoscope of styles including drone, experimental, dance, and ambient electronic to name some.

The duo first forayed in 2009 with The Setting Sun ep, a melding of electronics, gentle, understated vocals and billowing layers of misty guitar notes that suggest the marriage of Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine.

The follow up full-length, The Noise Behind, demonstrates tighter melodic songwriting while being true to their electro-atmospheric stylings suggesting the likes of Spiritualized. In 2012, the band added a live drummer to the line up and renamed themselves THE RADIO FIELDS for this project. The live drum sound brought a popdance quality, evocative of The Charlatans (UK) and the catchy hooks of Santigold—but with a harder rock edge.

In 2015 LET THERE BE LIGHT returned with a more electronic, film-score, ambient-atmopsheric, and sample driven direction yet also innately psychedelic. Perhaps the most adept analogy would be Underworld’s soundtrack works. The culmination of this new effort was the lp NIGHT & DAY.

In 2018, Frenguelli and Porsia collaborated with Savino Mazzuocco aka Senior Beat Box to compose their most psychedelic, experimental and electronic work to date, Bent Parallels. The album touches atmospheric rock, but also ambient and techno, dwelling in between but never fully crossing over into one genre.

The year was finally capped with The Laser/Touch ep, yet another overly electronic release with retro-synth-nostalgia elements of Boards of Canada and hooks of New Order. While LET THERE BE LIGHT expresses through a multitude of styles, connecting threads remain an abiding love for classic cinema and the desire to musically challenge themselves in the hopes the audience will follow along for the ride.

Their latest effort, Break The Spell of Silence, proves their most holistic work to date, with vocals on two songs, and a track-to-track exploration of different musical ideas, each piece worthy of an album unto itself.